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Response to COVID-19

Hello Northland family, 

It's with heavy hearts that we write this, knowing that we waited as long as possible to find out if there was a chance to continue our season after the Stay-at-Home order.  Sadly, with the order extended to the end of April, we made the tough decision to cancel the remainder of the season, along with our End of Season Banquet. The remaining practices and tournaments are canceled from this point forward, and we will be sending out more information about our next steps to making up for the lost time we're encountering. 

To us and the coaching staff at Northland, the most important aspect of what we do is making you better at volleyball and strengthening your skills in group settings. Since the group aspect isn't possible, we still encourage you to do as much at home as you can to stay in shape and sharpen your skills.  Here are three great videos to help: 
6 Ways To Practice Volleyball At Home
COVID-19 Quarantine Full Body Strength for Volleyball
Basic Volleyball Training at Home

For this summer, we are crossing our fingers that things are going to be open and operational so that we can offer some camps and training sessions, but since the future isn't clear, we'll be sending out updates as we find out more.  In the meantime, if your team has the time to come together in a group Zoom or FaceTime session, we encourage you guys to do some team bonding!  It's going to be a long month away from any workout, so planning a group chat or workout will help us all keep our sanity.  

Stay Safe, and we hope to see you all very soon!  


Maddy, Jessica and Sierra

Also, please do your own research on how you can help flatten the curve and protect yourself from COVID-19 and illnesses in general. Please take all health and wellness advice from the World Health Organization and The Center for Disease Control. Additional resources:

Minnesota Department of Health
USAV COVID-19 Response
NCR COVID-19 Response
World Health Organization
Center for Disease Control

Mizuno M1 Series

Northland 16-1 Slate came home with gold from the tournament in Bloomington on 3.8.20. 

Northland Lighthouse Classic

This past weekend, both Northland teams, 16 Frost and 17 Wolves took home Gold in our first home tournament of the season, the Northland Lighthouse Classic. Congratulations to both teams!


16 Frost

17 Wolves

Strength Training at YMCA

We are providing our 17's and 16's athletes with a complimentary 1 hour session of vertical training/ stability conditioning with a Personal Trainer at the YMCA. 

Dates Available:

Tuesday March 10th @ 5:45pm

Please arrive 10 minutes early to each session that you choose to join. All of these are optional  but we are going to pay for each athlete to do 1 session. We highly encourage that all athletes participate in each session to target muscles for vertical training and positional stability. Each additional session is $7 per athlete per session. All RSVP's go through your team head coach! Keep in mind that this is before practice on that day so make sure to bring practice gear and eat a good meal and drink lots of water before strength training.

Team Photos

Team photos will be available for download here.

MN North Freeze Tournament

Final Standings: 

16 Slate: 2nd in Gold

16 Frost: 2nd in Bronze

16 Frost in a huddle

16 Frost

16 Slate finishing 2nd in the tournament

16 Slate

Fan Shop

Our Fan Shop is live once again through Squad Locker.  Feel free to shop and order as you please, there are no deadlines or closing dates, and all of the gear is shipped directly to your house. 

Practice and Tournament Schedule

Full schedule for all teams can be found on our Calendar. The sports engine calendar is up to date, so please go there to find all your practice schedules, tournaments and more!

Hotel Blocks

Diggin' In The Dells

17's and 15's Teams:
April 17th-19th

The room block for this weekend was scheduled with Holiday Inn Express.  Please call them directly ASAP with refund questions.
Call 608-253-3000.

Ugly Sweater Party

This December, we celebrated the season by hosting an Ugly Sweater Party for all teams!  Congratulations to our winner Breea Rassmussen for bringing your best, and for everyone who wore some pretty ugly sweaters! :) Enjoy the holiday's and see you in 2020!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a competitive club atmosphere, where athletes will compete at a high level in the MN/WI region. We focus on serving the population of Northeastern Minnesota youth for a wide range of ages and athletes. We are offering competitive tournament settings and coaching staff that focuses on bettering each athlete at the individual level.